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Struggling with inefficient logistics and high costs? e4score can help. Our solutions tackle the pain points of carriers, 3PLs, warehouses, and shippers.

With real-time tracking and analytics, EZTrack increases fleet utilization and reduces costs. PowerYard gives complete yard management control and TrackAssured provides users with visibility to the location and condition of all of their shipments. EZCheck-In provides the GPS-validated event timestamps that shippers, warehouses, carriers and brokers need to prove with certainty that they got the job done right. Automate Return/Refusal authorization with ExpressRA to save time and money. Trust e4score to optimize your logistics, avoid costly pitfalls, and improve your bottom line.

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e4score Solutions

e4score's real-time tracking and analytics, complete yard management control, streamlined operations, automated authorization, and cost-effective 'TMS-Lite' solutions are designed to optimize the logistics of carriers, private fleets, shippers, and brokers, and improve their bottom line. Choose e4score to unlock your full potential.

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Affordable & Reliable:

Reliable device + tracking service that costs less than 25 cents/day/trailer.

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Optimized Return on Assets:

Optimize utilization, right-size trailer pools, and recover lost loads.

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Smart Cost Savings:

Grow without adding more trailers; instant ROI (even 900%); easy installation.

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Tailored Tracking:

Customizable reporting, real-time rule configurations.

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Intuitive Interface:

User-friendly data insights, including dwell times, idle alerts, and utilization.

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Efficient Analytics:

Determine asset needs, lease returns, cost-saving strategies.

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Clear Visibility & Efficiency:

Accurate inventory, task queues for drivers, more efficient yard ops.

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Hassle-Free Implementation:

4-week rollout. No IT support or RFID required. Easy to train and use.

Cost Effective


No need for investment in RFID or Wi-Fi enablement. Free trial.

PowerYard by e4score
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Enhanced Safety:

Fewer interruptions, tablet task queues, less radio chatter for drivers.

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Increased Productivity:

No stopping to receive tasks by radio. Accurate trailer locations--no hunting!

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Accountability & Quality:

Accurate timestamps, two-way communication--no he said/she said.

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Complete Shipment Visibility:

Real-time location, temperature, and condition monitoring.

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Multi-Carrier Tracking:

Aggregated data on single platform eliminates need for multiple logins.

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No Login Portal:

Customers track shipments with just a reference, PO, or order number.

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Real-Time Insights:

Proactive decision-making with insights into location, status, and condition.

Efficient Tracking

Efficient Tracking:

Task automation, error reduction, and streamlined operations.

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Compliance Enhancement:

FSMA features, reliable temperature tracking.

Streamlined returns

Streamlined Returns:

Centralized platform. Automates decision-making for refusals/returns.

Accurate Invoicing

Accurate Invoicing:

Close SAP blindspots. Invoice for received overages; validate shortage deductions.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings:

Reduce losses through efficiency, accuracy, and better inventory control.

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Happy e4score customers

Happy Customers:

Faster resolutions and improved communication = customer loyalty.

Seamless e4score integration

Seamless Integration:

Integrates with existing ERP/logistics integration. Easy-to-use interface.

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Actionable Insights:

Extract trends and make informed decisions to optimize operations.

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Event-Based Tracking:

Enhance visibility with key shipment events like arrivals/departures.

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User-Friendly Browser Interface:

Browser-based, no app fatigue, easy adoption.

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Driver-Centric Reporting:

Drivers submit real-time shipment information for greater accuracy.

EZCheck-In by e4score
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Enhanced Visibility & Communication:

Precise data; direct chat with driver; resolve issues before arrival.

Unified Tracking Hub

Unified Tracking Hub:

Shipment status portal for customer service, finance, and logistics teams.

Customizable & Integrated

Customizable & Integrated:

Tailored and easily integrates with existing TMS/WMS.

Connects to all the systems you need

At e4score we don't re-invent the wheel--we get it turning better. With multiple integrations with numerous TMS systems, cloud technologies, and tracking devices, you can pull in and make the tools you already use that much better.

Powerful, Intuitive Supply Chain Solutions

e4score is made up of supply chain practitioners with a flair for technology. We build easy-to-use, affordable tools that enable high-turnover front-line workers to get the job done right—the first time—with minimal training; tools that require little to no integration and little up-front investment to get started.

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