Intuitive Trailer Tracking for Less Than 25/day

Built specifically for carriers and private fleets, EZTrack is a more intuitive and reliable fleet management solution that costs 30-50% less than other leading providers. 

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Get More for Less

Why pay more for complicated and unreliable fleet tracking systems? EZTrack gives you:

  • Unmatched Reliability: Guaranteed performance with a 5-year or 5500-report assurance.
  • Single Platform Visibility: EZTrack consolidates data from any tracking device, offering a single, comprehensive view of mixed-device fleets.
  • Affordable & Risk-Free: Enjoy full fleet tracking at less than $0.25/day per trailer. Includes a free trial with two devices.


EZTrack is Proven

Discover how EZTrack has transformed logistics operations for our satisfied customers in their own words.

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We were skeptical that the EZTrack system really costs 25% less than their competition. But, we checked, and sure enough, EZTrack was the least expensive solution--and is proving to be even more reliable!

- Frank Matarazzo

CEO, Fusion Transport

Chris Haralambopoulos

My team regularly asks to add trailers to our fleet. Before we'd get into 'discussions'... Now I simply pull up the EZTrack fleet utilization KPIs and show them that we do indeed have the capacity with the trailers we already own!

- Chris Haralambopoulos

Fleet Manager, Fusion Transport

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One of our new dispatchers had a trailer load of product worth over $250k that they could not find.  We found it…exactly where EZTrack said it was. We made the delivery and avoided the claim.

- COO Mid Cap Carrier

Tim Noto

A driver stole one of my customer’s trailers.  We flipped the tracking device to 'every 10 min' mode and recovered it.  So grateful… it saved my business!

- Tim Noto

President, TN Logistical Asset Sales LLC

Jae Hahn-1

Our demurrage invoices are now validated with the accurate EZTrack arrival and departure events. We improved our A/R, customer relationships and collections team productivity…all at once!

- Jae Hahn

SVP Operations, Fusion Transport

Anonymous User

EZTrack proved that we could return 200 trailers at end-of-lease rather than renew, for an 800% ROI on our EZTrack investment.

- VP Fleet

Better Returns, Reduced Costs

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Better ROA

Maximize your Return on Assets by optimizing fleet utilization, right-sizing trailer pools, tracking in-motion assets, repositioning trailer pools, and recovering lost or stolen loads.

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Cost Avoidance

Grow without adding more trailers to the fleet, or save big by not replacing end-of-life trailers or not renewing leased trailers at the end of the term.

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No Wait ROI

EZTrack devices are easy to install, and the tracking portal is easy to use. You can start saving with EZTrack right away!

EZTrack Features

Better user interface
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The EZTrack user interface is intuitive and gives you the details you need. Dwell times (at geo-fenced locations), excursion time (away from domicile), and idle time (days since last move). Even, utilization analytics at the asset and fleet level.

Innovative analytics
Innovative EZTrack analytics

How many assets do really I need and where should I keep them? What's my time to return on leased trailers? EZTrack analytics enable fleet managers to quickly review asset and fleet utilization and develop plans to reduce costs and improve ROA.

Device agnostic
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Any device can be connected to the EZTrack platform, enabling single-platform visibility for mixed fleets, multiple use cases or during transitions to EZTrack. Fleet managers can leverage existing or upgrade to EZTrack devices without training users on a new platform.

In-motion & shipment tracking
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EZTrack devices can be configured for your particular use case. Choose from scheduled reports, or motion/stop reports, or even configure rules that change configurations in real-time. Get maximum value from your 5,500 guaranteed reports!


Starting at less than 25 cents/day per asset, pricing for the EZTrack solution makes it accessible to carriers and private fleets of all sizes. And with two free devices and free service for a month, there's no risk in starting today!

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While many of the 'big guys' spend their money on fancy marketing, we focus on providing quality devices that are built to last. In fact, EZTrack devices are guaranteed for 5,500 reports or five years (whichever come first). You never have to charge or change batteries.

Pingmaster Award NATM

Award-Winning Technology

We are excited to share that our partner, Matrack Inc., has been recognized by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers with two distinguished awards for their innovative PingMaster5000 Wireless GPS Tracker. Winning both the 'Innovation Breakthrough Award' and the 'Manufacturer’s Favorite Award,' this technology exemplifies the cutting-edge quality that EZTrack brings to mobile asset tracking.

Tired of the Pricing Run Around?

Ever wonder why you need to provide all the details about your fleet before someone can be straightforward and give you a price? Us too. Here's what you can expect from EZTrack:

Anti-pricing question

EZTrack Essentials

Asset Visibility and Utilization


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Maximize your return on assets, avoid rental/replacement costs, recover out-of-position assets, get GPS-proven dwell times for more accurate (and profitable) invoicing, and research routes on one easy-to-use tracking portal. All for less than $0.25/day per asset tracked!

  • 5-year battery life or 5,500 reports GUARANTEED
  • Multiple tracking configurations
  • Easy mount
  • Proven reliability
  • Unlimited tracking portal users
  • Intuitive dashboard views
  • Map view with pin for each tracked asset
  • List view with usage, idle, dwell, and excursion times
  • GPS-proved dwell times for accurate demurrage invoices
  • Asset history and routing

EZTrack Pro

Location Management


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All the Essentials features plus tools to manage, optimize, and ensure pool compliance, unauthorized trailer use alerts, better on-time performance with ‘en-route to consignee tracking’, and more trailer turns from faster pick-ups, for just $0.27/day per asset tracked.

  • Real-time pool counts through geo-fencing.
  • Push reports and trend charts
  • Unauthorized location visibility
  • Hourly tracking on head-haul shipments without driver involvement
  • ‘Ready for pick-up’ notifications from customers.
  • Asset registration details

EZTrack Enterprise

Customer Portal


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Includes all features of EZTrack Essentials and Pro, as well as the ability to view any legacy tracking devices on the EZTrack portal, and provide customers with their own online portal for viewing their shipments. All this for less than $0.30/day per asset tracked.

  • Integrations with other tracking device providers (ie: Samsara, Road Ready, Globe Tracker, etc.)
  • Ability to set filters and provide customers with their own map view shipment tracking portal
  • Location Master Data integration
  • Integration with existing customer portals, including embedded map capability
*Average annual cost of ownership based on a five-year contract. Includes cost for device, activation, and monthly service fee.

EZTrack is for…

Trucking company icon
Trucking companies who want to maximize asset utilization, minimize disruptions, optimize trailer pools, ensure shipment tracking compliance, and identify and act on underutilized assets.
Manufacturer icon
Manufacturing companies with private fleets looking to maximize shipping capacity, enhance cargo visibility, streamline yard operations, ensure compliance, and boost operational efficiency.
Warehouse icon
Small to medium warehouse and distribution center operators that want to boost asset utilization, recover lost or stolen loads, and optimize operations, easily and at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I know if EZTrack will work for me?

    To determine if EZTrack is the right fit for you, we recommend scheduling a consultation or taking advantage of our free trial offer. Our experts will understand your specific requirements and demonstrate how EZTrack can address your pain points, optimize your business, and deliver tangible results. We prioritize customer satisfaction and want to ensure EZTrack meets your expectations before making a commitment.

  • How can EZTrack help me optimize my business and make more money?

    EZTrack helps optimize your business and increase profitability by providing powerful trailer tracking that eliminates 'dark' or lost trailers, enabling better asset utilization and reducing costs. Its innovative and easy-to-use analytics allow you to review asset and fleet utilization, identify areas for improvement, and develop plans to boost efficiency and profitability.

  • How can EZTrack help me make critical decisions about asset and fleet utilization?

    EZTrack empowers you to make critical decisions about asset and fleet utilization by providing comprehensive insights into dwell times at locations, idle time, alerts since the last move, and utilization analytics at both the asset and fleet level. This information helps you determine the optimal number, type, and location of assets, right-size trailer pools, and make informed decisions for maximizing operational efficiency.

  • What ROI can I expect from using EZTrack?

    Using EZTrack, you can expect a significant return on investment (ROI) by reducing costs through improved asset utilization, minimizing trailer loss, and making data-driven decisions to optimize your fleet operations. Our breakthrough pricing, up to 50% lower than leading services, ensures a favorable ROI. Some customers have even reported ROIs of 900%!

  • What makes EZTrack different from other software pitches I've heard before?

    Our tailored approach to trailer tracking sets EZTrack apart from other software pitches. EZTrack focuses specifically on trailer and asset tracking, providing better cost-effectiveness and performance than generic solutions. We offer a user-friendly interface, innovative analytics, and proven technology built by practitioners with extensive logistics experience. You get more of what you need without paying for unnecessary (and confusing) bells and whistles.

  • What’s the EZTrack onboarding process like? I need something that won’t disrupt my current operations.

    The EZTrack onboarding process is designed to be seamless and non-disruptive to your current operations. The device mounting is simple, and the software is easy-to-use. Our team provides comprehensive support, including documentation, training resources, and technical assistance, to ensure a smooth transition. We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions, and our experts will guide you through the process with minimal impact on your day-to-day activities.

  • How does EZTrack compare to other GPS devices and monitoring dashboards?

    Compared to other GPS devices and monitoring dashboards, EZTrack stands out with its breakthrough pricing, better cost-effectiveness, and tailored focus on trailer tracking. Our leading-edge and reliable devices provide frequent pings and long battery life, ensuring accurate tracking and preventing trailer loss. Our platform offers innovative analytics and a user-friendly interface, providing comprehensive visibility into your fleet's performance.

  • What size of fleet should I have to make the best use of EZTrack?

    EZTrack is scalable and suitable for fleets of various sizes. Whether you are a small carrier or a large private fleet, EZTrack's powerful and affordable trailer tracking solution can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our experts can help you figure out the best implementation strategy based on the size and requirements of your fleet.

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