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At e4score we understand that shipping operations for CPG producers and manufacturers with private fleets demand precision and efficiency. Our suite of innovative solutions is designed to amplify your logistics processes. From returns management to fleet tracking and yard optimization, our tools empower your shipping operations.

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Real-Time Location, Condition, and Temperature Visibility

Track goods throughout the supply chain, optimize inventory management, ensure on-time delivery, and monitor compliance with regulatory requirements. TrackAssured allows you to:

  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and safety standards.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts for potential issues.
  • Track temperature-sensitive shipments for quality assurance.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with accurate tracking information.
  • Data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

TrackAssured keeps us compliant and ensures the safety of our shipments. Real-time monitoring and alerts are invaluable.

- Logistics Director

Optimizing Yard Management for Shippers

Efficiently manage yard operations, enhance driver productivity, and ensure safety with PowerYard.

  • Maximize yard efficiency with accurate inventory management.
  • Hassle-free implementation within four weeks, minimal disruption.
  • Achieve cost savings without upfront investments.
  • Enhance driver productivity with task queues and self-assignment.
  • Prioritize safety with reduced interruptions and enhanced accountability.

PowerYard ensures driver safety and risk reduction, making it a valuable solution for our operations. With its user-friendly interface and queue-based task assignment, we achieved improved accountability and transparency.

- Shipping Manager

Enhance Shipment Visibility and Control

Streamline shipping operations with EZCheck-In's web-based shipment visibility, event tracking, and efficient communication. 

  • Event-based tracking for accurate and meaningful data insights.
  • User-friendly browser-based platform for drivers.
  • Empower drivers with self-initiated reporting for streamlined processes.
  • Enhanced visibility and communication for smooth operations.
  • Customizable and compatible with existing systems for efficiency.

EZCheck-In revolutionized our shipment management. With event-based tracking and a user-friendly interface, we gained better control, improved efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction by 30%.

- Shipping Manager


Optimize Private Trailer Fleet Operations

Maximize private trailer fleet utilization, efficiency, and cost savings with EZTrack's intuitive tracking.

  • Maximize asset utilization to ensure optimal shipping capacity.
  • Enhance cargo visibility to prevent delays and disruptions.
  • Streamline yard operations by accurately locating trailers.
  • Facilitate compliance with accurate and reliable shipment tracking.
  • Increase operational efficiency by identifying underutilized assets.

My team regularly asks to add trailers to our fleet. Before we'd get into 'discussions'... Now I simply pull up the EZTrack fleet utilization KPIs and show them that we do indeed have the capacity with the trailers we already own!

- Chris Haralambopoulos
Fleet Manager, Fusion Transport

Streamline Returns Management and Boost Efficiency

ExpressRA is a user-friendly software solution that automates returns disposition decisions, improves visibility, and boosts operational efficiency for Shippers.

  • Automate disposition decisions to streamline returns processes.
  • Gain insights into overages, shortages, and unreturned items.
  • Enjoy easy adoption with an intuitive and customizable interface.
  • Tailor the solution to your specific needs for efficient management.
  • Achieve cost savings and operational efficiency based on data-driven decisions.

ExpressRA revolutionized our returns management. We’ve shortened our returns processing time by 30%, resulting in $50K annual cost savings as well as improved customer satisfaction.

 - CPG Shipper

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