Unparalleled Shipment Visibility and Compliance

Easy-to-access real-time location, temperature, and shipment condition monitoring for you and your customers with TrackAssured

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Streamlined, Real-Time, and Easy

TrackAssured is a cloud-based tracking solution that enhances shipment visibility, enabling users to optimize operations, reduce costs, and ensure FSMA compliance.

  • Comprehensive Shipment Visibility: Real-time monitoring of location, temperature, and shipment condition for complete visibility.
  • Simplified Multi-Carrier Tracking: Aggregates data from multiple carriers onto a single cloud-based SaaS platform, eliminating the need for multiple logins.
  • Customer Portal without Login: Empower end-customers with a simplified tracking process that only requires a reference number, PO number, or Order number.

TrackAssured is Proven

Discover how TrackAssured has transformed logistics operations for our satisfied customers in their own words.

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"TrackAssured's customer portal is a game-changer. Our customers love the simplified tracking process and real-time visibility."

Logistics Manager

Optimize Shipment Management with TrackAssured

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Real-Time Visibility

Gain insights into shipment location, status, and condition, allowing proactive decision-making and improved communication.

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Efficient Shipment Tracking

Automate tasks, reduce errors, and streamline operations for better resource allocation.

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Enhance Compliance

Stay compliant with tailored FSMA features and reliable temperature tracking for sensitive shipments.

TrackAssured Benefits

Comprehensive Shipment Visibility

TrackAssured offers precise location, temperature, and shipment condition monitoring, giving you complete control over your supply chain.

Simplified Tracking Process

With TrackAssured, you can track shipments from multiple carriers on a single cloud-based platform, eliminating the need to navigate multiple portals. The solution provides a centralized view of all shipments.

FSMA Compliance
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TrackAssured addresses the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance requirements, ensuring that you meet regulatory standards. With temperature monitoring and record retention features, TrackAssured provides peace of mind.

Integration with Temperature Sensors and Trailer Seals
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TrackAssured integrates with temperature devices and trailer seals, ensuring continuous temperature monitoring for product integrity and industry compliance.

Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency

TrackAssured provides real-time visibility and actionable insights, enhancing service quality, productivity, and cost-effectiveness for improved decision-making.

TrackAssured is for…

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Shippers / Manufacturers looking for real-time visibility for tracking, optimizing inventory management, ensuring on-time delivery, and complying with regulatory requirements.
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Carriers wanting tools for monitoring and managing fleet operations, enhancing customer service--including self-serve customer portals--and maximizing asset utilization.
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Freight Brokers who want to stand out by enhancing services, improving customer satisfaction, and providing accurate and up-to-date shipment information.
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3PLs looking to offer enhanced visibility, monitor shipments across multiple carriers, and optimize supply chain operations.

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