Enhance Shipment Visibility and Control

Streamline your logistics operations with EZCheck-In, the web-based, app-less, and affordable software solution that provides complete shipment visibility.

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Focus on Events, Not Just Tracking

EZCheck-In is an app-less software solution for affordable and complete shipment visibility with event-based tracking and GPS-validated timestamps. It ensures reliable check-in/out records, accurate statuses, and verified dwell times, streamlining operations and driving cost savings.

  • Get accurate and valuable insights into key shipment events through event-based tracking.
  • Empower drivers to initiate reporting, streamlining the check-in/out process.
  • Enjoy user-friendly browser-based functionality, eliminating the need for app downloads (and app fatigue!).

EZCheck-In is Proven

Discover how EZCheck-In has transformed logistics operations for our satisfied customers in their own words.

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EZCheck-In transformed our logistics operations, giving drivers more control to report actual events, eliminating reliance on geofencing, which was always prone to errors. The chat functionality is a game-changer!

Freight Broker

Challenges with Traditional Solutions

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Limited Visibility

Traditional tracking solutions leave blind spots in your logistics. Industry averages offer only 60-70% visibility, hindering informed decision-making.

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Unfulfilled Promises

Many solutions overpromise but underdeliver, leaving you frustrated and without the visibility you need to optimize operations.

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Misplaced Priorities

Competitors spend heavily on marketing hype instead of developing affordable, user-friendly, and effective solutions.

EZCheck-in Features

Event-Based Tracking

Prioritize key shipment events like arrivals, departures, and critical milestones for enhanced visibility and meaningful data insights.

User-Friendly Browser-Based Platform

Drivers access the tool conveniently through any browser without the need for additional app downloads.

Driver-Initiated Reporting

Empower drivers to trigger and submit shipment information directly, streamlining the reporting workflow.

Enhanced Visibility and Communication

Get precise information on gate, dock, or yard arrivals and departures. Communicate directly with drivers using the in-tool chat functionality and capture essential conversations for reference.

Multi-Stakeholder Benefits

Benefit various stakeholders, including asset-based carriers, freight brokers, shippers, customer service teams, finance personnel, and transportation managers.

Customization and Integration
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Customize the platform to meet specific requirements and seamlessly integrate with existing systems like TMS or WMS for enhanced operational efficiency.

EZCheck-In is for…

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Carriers wanting user-friendly driver-initiated reporting, event-based tracking, and efficient communication to streamline operations.
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3PLs and Brokers seeking advanced tracking and visibility capabilities to offer accurate event tracking to their clients.
Manufacturing icon
Shippers / Manufacturers looking for comprehensive shipment visibility and event-based tracking to optimize supply chain operations and enhance customer service.
Warehouse icon
Warehouse operators interested in real-time updates on incoming shipments, streamlined check-in processes, and optimized operations at the dock, gate, or yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can EZCheck-In help optimize my logistics operations and improve efficiency?

    EZCheck-In provides comprehensive shipment visibility, event-based tracking, and efficient communication, enabling optimized operations and improved efficiency throughout the logistics process.

  • What return on investment (ROI) can I expect from using EZCheck-In?

    On average, companies using EZCheck-In have reported cost savings ranging from 15% to 30% in their logistics operations. These savings are achieved through improved visibility, enhanced communication with drivers, reduced dwell times, and minimized delays in the check-in/out processes. It's important to note that the actual cost savings will depend on the specific circumstances of each business.

  • What sets EZCheck-In apart from other shipment tracking solutions?

    EZCheck-In stands out from other shipment tracking solutions in some key ways, making it a top choice for optimizing your logistics:

    1. See the Whole Picture: While traditional tracking solutions often leave you in the dark, EZCheck-In provides comprehensive real-time tracking. It goes beyond industry averages (which hover around 60-70% visibility) to capture critical milestones and give you a clear view of your operations.
    2. Trustworthy Performance: Unlike those solutions that make big promises but fall short, EZCheck-In delivers on its commitments. You can rely on it to provide the visibility you need for smooth operations, no more frustrations with underperforming tools.
    3. Customer-Focused Approach: EZCheck-In doesn't play into flashy marketing hype. Instead, it puts you first, ensuring affordability, user-friendliness, and effective functionality. It's all about meeting your needs and making your logistics journey smoother.

    In a nutshell, EZCheck-In excels with enhanced shipment visibility, trustworthy performance, and a genuine customer-focused approach. It tackles the limitations of traditional solutions, giving you the tools you need to streamline and optimize your logistics with ease.

  • Is EZCheck-In compatible with existing systems and technologies?

    Yes, EZCheck-In is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, such as transportation management systems (TMS) and warehouse management systems (WMS), ensuring compatibility and streamlined operations.

  • What is the onboarding process like for EZCheck-In, and will it disrupt my current operations?

    EZCheck-In offers a rapid and hassle-free onboarding process, requiring no additional infrastructure. Our team provides dedicated support and training to ensure a smooth implementation and minimal disruption to your current operations.

  • How can EZCheck-In be customized to meet my specific requirements?

    EZCheck-In offers customization capabilities to tailor the system to your unique needs. Our team works closely with you to understand your requirements and implement the necessary customizations for a personalized experience.

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