Optimize your logistics operations

For Freight Brokers and 3PLs, the demands of managing shipments, ensuring compliance, and delivering excellent customer service can be overwhelming. e4score solutions simplify logistics, boost visibility, and ensure compliance, transforming your approach to shipment management for an improved experience for your team and clients.

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Streamline Operations with Event-Based Tracking

Achieve complete shipment visibility through event-based tracking and GPS-validated timestamps. Say goodbye to blind spots and unreliable geofencing. With EZCheck-In, you gain precise insights into key shipment events, optimize tracking processes, and ensure accurate records, all while driving substantial cost savings.

  •  Comprehensive Visibility: Gain insights into key shipment events with event-based tracking for precise data insights.
  • Enhanced Shipment Management: Efficiently monitor and manage shipments to optimize operations and improve customer service.
  • App-Less Convenience: Enjoy the simplicity of a browser-based platform, eliminating the need for app downloads and minimizing complexity.

"EZCheck-In revolutionized our shipment management. With event-based tracking and a user-friendly interface, we gained better control, improved efficiency, and increased accuracy in our operations. Our customers are happier than ever."

- Operations Manager

Unparalleled Shipment Visibility and Compliance Assurance

TrackAssured takes your shipment management to the next level with real-time location, temperature, and shipment condition monitoring. Achieve compliance effortlessly while enhancing operational efficiency and boosting customer satisfaction.

  • Real-Time Visibility: Monitor location, temperature, and shipment condition for proactive decision-making and improved communication.
  • Multi-Carrier Simplification: Aggregate data from multiple carriers onto a single cloud-based platform, simplifying tracking and eliminating multiple logins.
  • Customer Portal: Empower end-customers with a straightforward tracking process that requires only a reference number, PO number, or Order number.

With TrackAssured, we streamlined our tracking process and saved valuable time for both our team and customers.

- Operations Director

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