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As a carrier, you understand the importance of streamlined operations, real-time visibility, and cost optimization. Whether you're managing shipments, assets, or your shipping yard, having the right tools is essential to stay ahead in the competitive logistics landscape. At e4score, we offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to address the unique daily challenges carriers face. Discover how e4score can transform your operations and drive your efficiency, accuracy, and success.

EZTrack Trailer Tracking screenshot

Affordable and Reliable Trailer Tracking

With leading-edge devices and innovative analytics, EZTrack provides carriers with real-time trailer tracking, improved ROI, and simplified fleet management. It offers:

  • Powerful and Affordable Trailer Tracking: Leading-edge devices providing frequent pings and long life for no 'dark' or 'lost and never found' trailers.
  • Real-Time Shipment Tracking: Accelerate ping frequency for real-time shipment tracking. Add the electronic seal for proven security to reject shortage claims.
  • Innovative Analytics: Quickly review asset and fleet utilization. Reduce costs and improve ROI with innovative analytics.
  • 'BYOD' Compatability: The EZTrack platform allows you to 'Bring Your Own Device' and offers single-screen visibility for fleets using mixed trackers.
We were skeptical that the EZTrack system really costs 25% less than their competition. But, we checked, and sure enough, EZTrack was the least expensive solution--and is proving to be even more reliable!
 - Frank Matarazzo
CEO, Fusion Transport

Shipment Visibility and Control

Empower carrier operations with EZCheck-In, a game-changing real-time shipment tracking solution that enhances efficiency, accuracy, and control. 

  • Comprehensive Visibility: Event-based tracking ensures you never miss critical shipping milestones.
  • Informed Decisions: Make better decisions with accurate information
  • Empower Your Drivers: Driver-initiated reporting streamlines workflows, eliminates delays, and optimizes task execution.
  • Direct Communication: Communicate directly with drivers with in-tool chat. Ensure seamless coordination and efficient problem resolution.

EZCheck-In revolutionized our shipment management. With event-based tracking and a user-friendly interface, we gained better control, improved efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction by 30%.

 - Operations Manager

Streamlined Yard Managment

PowerYard streamlines yard operations, enhancing efficiency and safety for carriers managing shipping yards.

  • Maximize Savings: Reduce errors, optimize resource allocation, and automate task tracking.
  • Precise Yard Inventory: Ensure accurate and reliable yard inventory tracking, improve trailer pool reports and overall inventory control.
  • Enhanced Driver Safety: Prioritize safety, minimize interruptions and radio chatter
  • Hassle-Free Deployment: Easy to implement and use. No IT support required!
  • Tablet-Based Task Assignment: Drivers receive tasks on a tablet, enabling self-assignment for faster execution and improved productivity.

PowerYard ensures driver safety and risk reduction, making it a valuable solution for our operations. With its user-friendly interface and queue-based task assignment, we achieved improved accountability and transparency.

- Operations Director, Large Carrier

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